SC2VN started with a video that asked "What if StarCraft 2 was a dating simulator?"  We then asked ourselves "What if StarCraft 2 was a dating simulator?"

What started out as half-joke of a fan project turned into a more serious endeavor to tell a story about professional gamers through a visual novel game. After releasing a small prototype of the idea on TeamLiquid, we launched a Kickstarter that was successfully funded that allowed us to increase the quality of the art and design of the game. 

SC2VN is an original story that takes place in a fictional South Korea, where you play as a foreigner player trying to make the right decisions inside and outside the game in order to break into the competitive scene. 


  Timothy Young           @shindags    Producer // Developer   

Timothy Young        @shindags

Producer // Developer


  TJ Huckabee            @Voguekun   Writer // Director

TJ Huckabee          @Voguekun

Writer // Director

  Stephanie Yang             @hikariix   Character Artist

Stephanie Yang           @hikariix

Character Artist

  Virgil Levinger      @virgillevinger   Musician 

Virgil Levinger    @virgillevinger


  Glynnis                                     kasoomi@DA   Coloring Artist

Glynnis                                   kasoomi@DA

Coloring Artist

  Sendo                     Sendraw@DA   Background Artist

Sendo                   Sendraw@DA

Background Artist

 Collin                                             @Mondonater   Musician

Collin                                            @Mondonater


 DesertFox                             War-Girl   GUI Artist

DesertFox                            War-Girl

GUI Artist

  Collateral Damage Studios        CG Event Artists

Collateral Damage Studios     

CG Event Artists



Q: Is this literally a dating sim?

A: No. 



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